We will strive to create an Age-Friendly Jeju that the elderly can actively participate in society and can live healthy old age.

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Society Research
Jeju Ageing Society Research Center
▣ Member

Kong, Seon-hee, Ph.D
Research Fellow
+82-64-729-0602, kmj@jri.re.kr

Kim, Hong-cheol, Ph.D (ABD)
Research Fellow
+82-64-729-0601, hckim@jri.re.kr

Kim, Dong-hee, MA
Junior Research Fellow
+82-64-729-0603, apf2000@jri.re.kr

Jeong, Ei-seul
Research Assistant
+82-64-729-0604, dew1209@jri.re.kr

Hong, Da-yeon
Administrative Staff
+82-64-729-0606, dayeon93@jri.re.kr

▣ History

2003. 2    Contracted Between JDI and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
2004. 4    “Research Center for Jeju Longevity and Culture” Opened
2016. 6    Signed an Agreement to Operate an “Ageing Society Research Center” between JDI and
                                             Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

▣ Research Area

Develop a Response Strategy for Population Ageing and Ageing Society
Analysis and Evaluation of the Elderly Welfare Policy in Jeju Province
Operating Jeju Ageing Society Forum
Exploring Jeju Longevity Culture and Comprehensive Research
Basic Study for Joining WHO GNAFC

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